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"Ever since the pregnancy of my twin boys I had suffered from a painful wrist.  This not only made it difficult for me to carry out my parental and household activities but seriously impaired by ability to carry out my work as a yoga practitioner.   I visited my Doctor who referred me to countless hospital appointments and treatments none of which worked.  Finally on recommendation from a friend I visited Victoria who miraculously after only two sessions,  managed to cure  me of my sore and handicapped wrist altogether!  It was incredible that after all the money spent on me by the NHS they could find no cure but after help from Victoria my symptoms had disappeared altogether.  Now over 3 years later I still have no problems and am free to do handstands, headstands and whatever yoga postures in my teaching that I wish.  I would thoroughly recommend her treatments to everybody whether they are suffering from a specific injury or just want to have an excellent massage by an expert. " Shirley Smith

Victoria tells you not to expect miracles but exudes a gentleness and an understanding which leads to a confidence in her patients that healing can take place and breakthroughs can be made. So although Victoria tells you that she is not a miracle worker , minor miracles do occur.  I first went to see Victoria with bad sciatica and at times chronic back pain. Victoria engages with you as a patient and your whole “disease” process and offers explanations and tells you why she is undertaking each particular course of action. During treatment she listens to you and your body. Through Victoria’s help and care, I have found a new positivity, a huge decrease in the levels of pain and strategies to cope with and diminish pain when it flares up." Nick Kreel

"I have been a client of Victoria’s for almost 3 years.  She has a caring and gentle nature and gives first class treatments.  I always come away feeling refreshed." Steve Andrews

"I arrived in a mess, in pain, confused and a little afraid.  From my first session, to a two week transformation to my life coming back, Victoria’s work has above any other treatment, made me feel better.  Physically, and in my own strength of mind.  Thank you." Will Poole-Wilson

"I have a problems with my lower back due to work related wear and tear for over a year before starting treatment with Victoria.  This included numbness in my foot and down my leg and a constant ache in my back/hips.  Since having Victoria work on me, the constant ache has finally gone.  In additions to helping clear the pain, she has shown me stretches to help stop the pain returning.  My leg problem is now starting to be addressed with one session ending cramping that I have had for a year.  I have found Victoria to be extremely enthusiastic, considerate and knowledgeable in her work and have been recommending her to my friends and colleagues." Amrit Pedersen

"I have been receiving reflexology sessions from Victoria for a while now to help me with some long term skeletal and chest problems and I am really feeling the benefit of the treatments.  Victoria is highly skilled and professional, and each time there is more improvement in my condition so I am delighted." Julia Miles

"Victoria is a well qualified practitioner who works well with her clients. During my second pregnancy, I have found the weekly reflexology treatments have ensured that I remain relaxed through a balance of both the physical and emotional elements so essential now and the lead up to the birth." Rachel Gardner

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