Kinesiology is the most holistic treatment offered by Ixchel Therapies.  It can investigate pain conditions and health challenges by reading the responses of muscles when put under light pressure.

Kinesiology: A Therapy involving the use of Muscle Testing

Systematic Kinesiology is a completely holistic process using the body’s bio-feedback mechanism to muscle test and gain information about the client. The basic tool used for Kinesiology is muscle testing, which is the ability to hold a muscle against light pressure.

The system of Kinesiology was created by Dr.George Goodheart in 1964. The International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) was established and twelve doctors worked on the research into muscle testing

What’s involved and how Kinesiology can help you

The Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner starts with a thorough consultation with the client.  From the information received, they will then proceed to do a series of muscle tests. If a muscle tests "spongy" or weak it gives an indication to the practitioner of how to proceed with the treatment.  Initially, the practitioner will test a group of muscles to highlight which area to focus upon.

If a relevant factor is introduced (eg food substance or chemical), the muscle’s response can change. Depending on this feedback the practitioner and the client can plan a course of action so the muscle can be re-tested at a future consultation.  

Suggestions and advice may include nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and more.

As a Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner, we are dedicated to helping people.   Clients will be helped far more effectively if they commit to taking personal responsibility and improving their own health regime and lifestyle.

Systematic Kinesiology offers a safe, private and personal service attuned to your individual needs.

Number of sessions?

This will vary; based on the client and how much they engage with suggested plans. Usually the client requires three to six visits with a recommendation to have routine Systematic Kinesiology sessions two to three times a year.

You can read all you like about Kinesiology but there is no substitute for trying it yourself!

Benefits of Kinesiology:

•  Natural and Gentle
•  Non-intrusive
•  Non-judgemental
•  Flexible, adaptable treatment
•  Holistic – Treating all parts of the person
•  Looks at the underlying causes of symptoms
•  Listens to the body's response mechanisms
•  Can be used safely with other treatments – complementary or conventional
•  Empowering and confidence boosting
•  Encourages control and responsibility for wellbeing
•  Preventative – not just reactive
•  Suitable for children and adults