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Massage and Grief

   Massage and other techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Myofascial Release can be extremely beneficial to help calm the grieving body. How Can Massage help with grief? When in grief either due to a death or a relationship break-up, your muscles can become very contracted around the lungs and in the belly as breathing becomes […]

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Backpain from childcare

Massage and childcare Severe Back pain is very common when you have young children. Picking up children at the wrong angle, or leaning into the car to secure their seat-belt. Carrying a baby on your hip whilst trying to cook. Bending down to pick their mess off the floor. Even pushing the child around the […]

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Back to work – Muscle Tension or Adrenaline Rush?

First day back at work in 2012 could cause muscle spasms and  possible adrenaline rush by 5:30pm.  Is there a pile of unattended things to deal with?  A mountain of challenges to oversee during the next few weeks?  After so much relaxation over Christmas and New Year, your body could feel a bit shocked.  Are you […]

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