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Why use Kinesiology to test your tolerance to foods and substances

Why test foods and substances with Kinesiology? We are testing foods to see which foods will improve and balance the body systems, and which ones could be compromising the same. “TASK define a “sensitivity” as being a food or some other substance that makes a strong muscle weak and often weaker muscles, weaker still” From […]

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Why does your body love water?

Kinesiology Testing can test water dehydration in the body.  Massage is great, but water is the basis of all good health. Many clients of mine seem to battle to drink enough water.   Why is it so important to keep drinking? What does water actually do inside your body? Water flushes out toxins and helps move […]

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Welcome to the Ixchel Therapies Website

Welcome to Ixchel Therapies blog and the new website ixcheltherapies.co.uk.  We offer treatment for sub-acute and chronic pain conditions as well as superb relaxation and healing treatments for general well-being, or simply a special treat. The techniques we use for chronic pain conditions complement and work alongside medical treatments.  Helping clients to experience a speedy recovery from surgery, injury, RSI, or […]

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