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Plantar Fasciatis (Policeman’s Foot) – Find out what you can do to resolve this common pain condition

Plantar Fasciatis foot pain is one of the most interesting pathologies I treat, simply because clients actually believe it needs to take months to go away and that it is a very difficult condition to resolve. Actually, Plantar Fasciatis loves Clinical Massage and regular self-treatment, with these Plantar Fasciatis can get resolved for most clients within a few…

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Anatomy In Motion – AIM, Doctor In The House

Have you ever hurt yourself and noticed how your body rearranges itself to take the pressure off the painful injury?  How clever that we can reorganise ourselves so perfectly when we get an injury to keep on walking, sitting, bending standing, running, whatever you need to do with your body .  But what happens if by rearranging…

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Massage Alternative or Complementary?

Clinical massage, or any treatments offered by Ixchel Therapies in Brighton, do not act as an 'alternative' to mainstream healthcare, but are designed to complement any course of treatment that a client may be undertaking. Whether it is medication, seeing a physio, or receiving osteopathy, these paths of healing can all be integrated with what…

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medication and back pain

Why your Back Pain can get worse with pain killers Today a client  had a massive crisis with back pain.  Her muscular-skeletal back problem had returned a couple of weeks ago so she ended up taking strong pain killers to help.  As soon as the medication for the back pain began to do it's job she presumed her back…

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Massage and Grief

   Massage and other techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Myofascial Release can be extremely beneficial to help calm the grieving body. How Can Massage help with grief? When in grief either due to a death or a relationship break-up, your muscles can become very contracted around the lungs and in the belly as breathing becomes…

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Backpain from childcare

Massage and childcare Severe Back pain is very common when you have young children. Picking up children at the wrong angle, or leaning into the car to secure their seat-belt. Carrying a baby on your hip whilst trying to cook. Bending down to pick their mess off the floor. Even pushing the child around the…

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