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Lemon Ginger & Honey

When, like now, I am losing my voice, or have aching muscles from coughing too much I tend to do the following:


  • Lemon, Ginger and Honey – with a dash of cider vinager
  • Herbs like echinacea, thyme, parsley, and liquorish
  • Fry up an onion with some butter and just add two egg yolks (no egg white), this is a great one for soothing the respiratory tract
  • Massage with upward strokes from your chest to your neck, ideally with some wild rosemary essential oil in any vegetable based oil, try to find someone to give you an upward stroke back massage as well.  (upward strokes to encourage any catarrh to move off and out of your chest)
  • Inhalations are great using eucalyptus, wild rosemary and lavender
  • If you have heating on, make sure there is a bowl of water in your bedroom, to keep the air moisturised in your room so your throat lining does not get dehydrated

Here in Brighton it is cold and grey, so best to do whatever I can to feel nice and look after myself…!!!

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Back to work – Muscle Tension or Adrenaline Rush?

First day back at work in 2012 could cause muscle spasms and  possible adrenaline rush by 5:30pm.  Is there a pile of unattended things to deal with?  A mountain of challenges to oversee during the next few weeks?  After so much relaxation over Christmas and New Year, your body could feel a bit shocked.  Are you sitting on the edge of your chair by the end of the day with tight tummy muscles and neck protruding forwards.  If so, look at your feet firmly placed on the ground and take a few slow deep breaths, feel the support of your chair, check in with your body to see where you feel tightness, observe it and then it may well dissipate.

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5 Top Tips for a Happy January and February 2012

Are you wishing for a pain free new year?  Are you energised and vibrant ready for those first uphill weeks of January and February 2012?

5 Top tips are:

  • Start drinking plenty of water to detoxify your system from all the over-eating and drinking of the festive period.
  • Get to bed early and catch up on some sleep.  Enjoy hibernating while we still get the chance with the dark nights.
  • Get out for some good walks and breathe loads of fresh air during the daytime.  Even if it’s raining wrap up and get outside.
  • Dance to your favourite music indoors to keep your spirits up, especially if you have kids, they will love to boogy down with you.
  • Finally, write down five things you are grateful for from your day, before going to sleep.  This is a great way to reflect positively on what makes you feel good about life.
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Welcome to the Ixchel Therapies Website

Welcome to Ixchel Therapies blog and the new website  We offer treatment for sub-acute and chronic pain conditions as well as superb relaxation and healing treatments for general well-being, or simply a special treat. The techniques we use for chronic pain conditions complement and work alongside medical treatments.  Helping clients to experience a speedy recovery from surgery, injury, RSI, or pain conditions caused by bad posture.

The holistic relaxation and healing treatments we offer, help to maintain good all round balanced health, or prevent injury if people overuse the body for work or sport activities.  We also offer muscle testing with Kinesiology to get an insight to the bodys’ sensitivies and weaknesses.  We can then develop a lifestyle plan to create optimum fitness and health.

Have a look through the information on the website and please do get in touch if you think we may be of help to you.

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Solving The Pain Game

Today I had laptop ‘on my lap’, and within 30 minutes, my arms and neck just ached.  Admittedly, I was sitting on the swing chair on the balcony, trying not to miss out on the gift of some warm sunshine in April .  Yet, I did ponder, that if I did this a lot, I would potentially have a pain problem of my own.  At this point, my heart went out to all those people who do sit at a desk, for every day, of nearly every week………   stuck in positions that make the body scream.

Not only did I start to ache, I also felt myself stop breathing properly as the ‘drop this thingy’ would not work on the sitebuilder for this very website.  So there I was with tension in my gut, head thrust forward, panic and frustration, all taking it’s toll.  Just like a lot of people who end up walking into my clinic.

Of course we are all different and are effected differently by situations, but alot of my clients are doing inappropriate things in respect to how they use or overuse their bodies, and that is why they come to me.

Uncomfortable body experiences can need antidotes.  For myself, the basics of how to counteract wrong posture, or notice when the tension is kicking in, is what I am trained to do.  However, this has taken years of ongoing learning and lots of re-minding.  Still, I end up sitting and doing things that could potentially kick off  a painful condition.

Some people don’t notice the little sensations that are acting like warning signals.  Subsequently, these same signals can turn into very painful alarm bells.  At this point it can be beyond the clients scope to go it alone to reverse the pain.  Perhaps using painkillers as a next step, may work for a while, but ultimately can cause side effects, as well as end up  creating a much bigger problem.

Not to say painkillers are a bad thing, in some instances they are totally appropriate.  However,  if you continue to mask the pain, and then use the body in a way that aggravates the problem (but it’s numb, so you don’t realise you’re aggravating the problem) again, you end up doing more damage.

I meet many of my clients when they are somewhere along the spectrum of this journey.  Some people come the moment they notice ‘a pain signal’, others come when their pain effects their functionality, or has become ‘unbearable pain’.

There are many tactics you can use to tackle ‘the pain game’.  However, ultimately if you are nice to your incredibly sophisticated body, it will probably be nice to you.

The treatments I offer are also quite sophisticated, in as much as they are clinically effective, using techniques and protocols that prove themselves again and again.  With any new client you can never know how receptive their body will be, or how long a pain condition will take to improve.  If they are very fortunate, one session may do it, but don’t hold your breath, because it’s unlikely.  However, 1 – 6 sessions, for many conditions will on give you good results.  Although in some cases we are looking at rehabilitating a condition that could take far longer. So we keep an open mind and watch the bodys’ signs as it starts to feel ‘nice’ again.  Solving the pain along the way…….

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Focus on Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

There are actually many conditions that can be confused with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so it is important to be quite precise about how the pain is presenting itself.  This can be a very debilitating condition and many of my clients who’ve been challenged by it have really been very concerned and also believed that they would need to be operated on.

It is possible that the discomfort may be caused by tension from the scalene neck muscles, so it’s important to look at this.

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