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Massage Alternative or Complementary?

Clinical massage, or any treatments offered by Ixchel Therapies in Brighton, do not act as an 'alternative' to mainstream healthcare, but are designed to complement any course of treatment that a client may be undertaking. Whether it is medication, seeing a physio, or receiving osteopathy, these paths of healing can all be integrated with what we offer.

Today a client gave me a guilty look as if she was doing something wrong when she said she was also receiving medical care for a Neurological Health Challenge, and taking all sorts of medication. I explained that my role was to integrate the treatments we do into the rest of her healthcare program. Over time all involved can reasses to see what is appropriate.

Cancer Research UK
state that massage, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga etc are 'complementary', whereas Gerson Therapy or Shark Cartilage are 'alternative'.

Using the techniques that Ixchel Therapies offers it is possible to maximise the clients potential for recovery alongside any other treatment when appropriate. However, there are occassions for example if a client is going to receive radio therapy, when it would be necessary to pause with our techniques.

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medication and back pain

Why your Back Pain can get worse with pain killers

Today a client  had a massive crisis with back pain.  Her muscular-skeletal back problem had returned a couple of weeks ago so she ended up taking strong pain killers to help.  As soon as the medication for the back pain began to do it's job she presumed her back was getting better and started moving a lot more again.  Going to work, sitting in the car…..   The problem with pain relief medication is that it can dull the pain that sends you the messages about good posture or how not to move your body in a way that is going to aggravate your underlying back pain condition. 

How to avoid your condition getting worse

If you are taking strong pain killers for a muscular-skeletal back pain it is vital to make sure you do not over-use or stress that part of your body as you will not be able to feel the added aggravation and damage to the muscles and joints in the area.  In the end you can make the problem worse to these areas.

Do Not Overuse that part of your body

My advice is if you are on strong medication, for an injury or recurring back pain problem that has just been triggered.  Take the medication but avoid overusing that area of your body.  Then wait until you cut down the medication and see if the pain levels have improved without it.  Only then is it safe to presume that the condiion is healing, rather than just pain being masked.

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Massage and Grief


Massage and other techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Myofascial Release can be extremely beneficial to help calm the grieving body.

How Can Massage help with grief?

When in grief either due to a death or a relationship break-up, your muscles can become very contracted around the lungs and in the belly as breathing becomes effected and our body tries to accomodate extreme levels of emotional tension from profound experiences of emotion.

Shock can also make us feel like we are not in our body.  The use of Massage as a touch therapy, can help to bring us back into our body and experience our feelings in a nurtured and safe environment.

Massage can help to relax the soft tissues of the body and calm the nervous system with hands on bodywork. Touch alone can be invaluable if someone has just lost a loved one, creating a sense of being held during a very troubled time.

So massage is not just for injuries, or common physical pain conditions, but also for emotional pain conditions such as grief.

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