Massage and Grief


Massage and other techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Myofascial Release can be extremely beneficial to help calm the grieving body.

How Can Massage help with grief?

When in grief either due to a death or a relationship break-up, your muscles can become very contracted around the lungs and in the belly as breathing becomes effected and our body tries to accomodate extreme levels of emotional tension from profound experiences of emotion.

Shock can also make us feel like we are not in our body.  The use of Massage as a touch therapy, can help to bring us back into our body and experience our feelings in a nurtured and safe environment.

Massage can help to relax the soft tissues of the body and calm the nervous system with hands on bodywork. Touch alone can be invaluable if someone has just lost a loved one, creating a sense of being held during a very troubled time.

So massage is not just for injuries, or common physical pain conditions, but also for emotional pain conditions such as grief.

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