Backpain from childcare

Back pain from lifting children

Backpain from lifting children

Massage and childcare

Severe Back pain is very common when you have young children. Picking up children at the wrong angle, or leaning into the car to secure their seat-belt. Carrying a baby on your hip whilst trying to cook. Bending down to pick their mess off the floor. Even pushing the child around the supermarket in a trolley. All of these actions can have a daily impact on an underlying back condition as core muscles attached to the pelvis and the spine, strain to do their job. With no days off the muscles are under relentless pressure. So what to do?

With many of my clients we literally go through each action and look at alternative ways of doing things. Some parents or carers, feel they still need to pick up a child, when actually a two or three year old can be more independant and climb onto your lap, or into their cot. Perhaps they can climb into the car. A lot of children can hold your hand, or even pick something up for you, instead of you doing all the work.

You may be able to shift your posture when bending down, or learning forward. There may be daily relaxation techniques that involve lying down, rather than having to do exercises that you do not have the energy for. Sometime nutrition can make a big difference to the state of your muscles and soft tissues within the body.

I regularly work with people in this situation, and after a few sessions they are back in control of factors that are aggravating or creating pain in their body.

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