Why use Kinesiology to test your tolerance to foods and substances

Why test foods and substances with Kinesiology?

We are testing foods to see which foods will improve and balance the body systems, and which ones could be compromising the same.

TASK define a “sensitivity” as being a food or some other substance that makes a strong muscle weak and often weaker muscles, weaker still”

From the perspective of Kinesiology there are three types of foods:

1. Biogenic – these nourish the body and energise the person
2. Biostatic – these neither nourish nor harm, and any energy gained from them will be used up digesting them
3. Biocidic – these deplete energy and harm the body, they cause imbalance, and lead to disease

Different people have their own unique responses

There are no such thing as ‘bad foods’ simply foods that suit some people and not others, this is called “Biochemic Individuality”.  Clearly too many processed foods are unlikely to suit people.

Each person could test differently on which foods fall into each of the above categories depending on their own body make-up. So we test to establish what would enable the client to gain optimum health.

In terms of substances, the client could be using house care products, or personal care products, or anything else which could be causing an imbalance, so if there are any signs of this, it is worth testing.

It is also important to note that a biocidic food or substance may be OK for the individual at a later time, after it has been abstained from for a period

For more info on how to get tested for food or chemical intolerances please get in contact.

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