How to do a Periformis Stretch


A great release or stretch to do if you have sciatic pain, or pain in your buttocks or legs, is a Piriformis Stretch. The Piriformis muscle rotates your leg out. There is a group of external rotator muscles that do this, but this stretch and release is generally called the piriformis stretch.

In this video we are looking at the stretch which is about releasing the leg to go outwards, but we want to see how far it can go. First, you bring the foot against the opposite knee. Having your foot wedged against the knee, you can bring one hand to push against the knee of the leg you are stretching and the other hand to hold the foot. What we want is to push the knee and pull the foot at the same time.

You will feel the stretch in the buttocks especially on the outside part of the thigh near the hip.

You can also use your hands to grasp the thigh that the bent leg is wedged against and bring it towards you. This will give a stronger stretch.

There are various different stages of a piriformis stretch which if you see a practitioner they can help you find your way further into the stretch.

For sciatic pain, this can be very helpful because the sciatic nerve goes straight through the piriformis muscle or right next to it.

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