Dr Campbell-McBride – Healing the Digestive System and overcoming psychiatric problems

Dr Campbell-McBride is such an incredible speaker and her knowledge of the impact of a damaged lining of the intestinal tract is absolutely incredible.  I have learnt so much from her about the digestive system over the years.  She gave me sanity in terms of making sense of the psychological impact of the symptoms I had when I ate gluten, or if it still slips into my diet by accident.  Her book ‘The Gut and Psychology Syndrome’ is a must read for anyone who experiences (or lives with a person who experiences) any kind of mental illness.  This talk by her, is such a simple explanation of how the digestive system works, and how chemicals in our daily lives can destroy the lining of our gut and then distort our thinking and response, not just to food and our diet, but to every event and emotional experience that we have.  A toxic gut creates toxic thinking. Toxic thinking, creates toxic behaviour, and toxic behaviour creates toxic relationships, toxic families and toxic societies.

From my own experience I have watched this place out in reality and know for myself how even suicidal idealism can manifest from this pattern of disease.  It is very difficult for people to grasp the reality that what we put into our mouths can actually play out to such a destructive end.  Yet it is very possible.  The book ‘The Second Brain’ speaks very well about the chemicals that get released and the impact these chemicals circulating from the gut, then have on the brain.  A gut feeling, can work in many ways that can be as destructive as can be positive.

Are you really aware of how food reacts inside your body.  Do you have any idea about the responses that are taking place every second that control your thoughts and your feelings.  If you are curious in any way, then do watch this video and share it with those you love and care about.

This is education we all need nowadays.  Especially with all the processed foods, the fertilizers and pesticides, the length of time it takes to transport food, and finally the ways in which we cook and prepare what we eat.  With all of these aspects, by the time food reaches our gut it can be anything but healthy and suitable for the best of health that our body requires to be able to perform and exist at an optimum or even average level.

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