Fasting For the Menopause Part 2

As the days progressed, the impact day by day that the fast was having on me was in itself motivating me to keep going.   After day 24 i then moved into a period of six weeks where i started bringing in different food groups slowly.    During those six weeks i have to say it completely transformed my health.  The process completely got rid of the hot flushes, also the brain fog.  I had shed weight so i felt great looking at myself.   I was back to a weight i had been 20 years ago.

Due to the success of curaromana, six months later i revisited it again and then i was only about six pounds off what i remember being when i was 25 years old.   When i originally started i was about two stone heavier than i was when i was 25.   So that’s incredible because it’s not just about what you look like but it’s like every part of your body is saying thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I felt so much better i can work better, i can breathe, and i’ve just got more energy and it’s just quite extraordinary!   So because i’m going through a big change in my life and in my body at the moment i’ve kind of committed to doing this hopefully between every six to eight months.

So on another series of videos i’m going to try and tell you a little bit more about what’s involved in the fast, because i have been using it with clients.   Some clients have wanted me to support them with it.  One or two have found it really hard and a few of them have just found it as extraordinary as i have.   I will at some point try and get to do some testimonials so you can hear other people’s perspectives as well.

When is the right time to do a fast?

Now i’m not saying fasting is right for everyone and definitely it has to be at the right time.   It’s something that you’ll know when it’s the right time to do it, either you’ll hit some kind of rock bottom where you’re just thinking i just have to do something about the way i’m feeling and it’s just got to that stage i have to.   Or you might get a time when you suddenly see a period of openness in your diary and you just get a sense that oh well this would be a really good time to take care of myself and i really want to reboot and reset my system.  Or you may have a medical condition where you just think, okay i don’t want to do this but i know righto now i’m willing to give it a try.   You might think, i want to feel better for loads of different reasons and there are a lot of different processes out there but i want to give this a try because it just feels right to me.

What is involved?

The curaromana food plan starts with 2 feast days, then 22 days of a specific protocol whilst using a spray that helps to stimulate a response to release excess fat stores from the body.  There is then a 6 week consolidation process where you introduce different food groups to see how your body responds to them.  This way, you can work out what improves your health and keeps your weight and moods stable, and then what knocks you of kilter.

I never believe one thing is right for everyone.   I think we have to trust that we stumble on the right process and on the right people to support us and when we’re ready.   Otherwise it just won’t happen and you do need to tune in a little bit to your body and see whether you think it’s the right time.  In terms of menopausal symptoms i would say to any woman out there, hand on heart, i don’t have those symptoms anymore.   So if you are struggling in any way and actually with any health condition (it doesn’t have to be the menopause) then have a little think about it and if you want any support, then do get in contact with me because i do have some good experience now on the subject,so let’s see what we can do to support you.


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