Fasting for the Menopause Part 1

Today I want to talk about fasting.  I am writing this on a beautiful sunny day and very often when it’s warm we don’t feel like eating quite so much.   Heat really affects our energy levels and can make it more stressful to do things.

So I have currently been doing a fast, I’m on day 9 of 24 day and then at the end of the 24 days there’s another six weeks of consolidating as I slowly bring in different food groups.

So why do I fast?   Why is it a good thing to do?  Well I first started doing this 18 months ago when I was suffering with very difficult menopausal symptoms.  I literally didn’t know what hit me!!!  I actually I felt like I had gone into the menopause quite early, I was getting hot flushes and I was putting on loads of weight.  However, to be honest the hardest thing was that my brain was just full of fog.  I couldn’t think, I couldn’t remember things, the wrong words would come out my mouth, all that stuff that you really think shouldn’t be going on until you get a lot older than 45 years old.

Also because I’m a practitioner I was walking around thinking how can I give support to my clients if I am feeling like this!?!   So I had to research what was what.  What was going to help?   For a while I heard about different things but nothing really got me interested.   Then in the end a client walked in and she told me about a book written by an author called Leslie Kenton.   Some of you may or may not have heard of her.  The book is about a fast called  curaromana which actually is based on something called the Roman Cure which is a process that was designed by an Italian doctor in Rome for people suffering from obiesity.

So I look at this as my client said she had lost loads of weight and I thought that’s the one for me as it talks all about hormones, rebalancing them and resetting the whole hormonaly system.   I knew because I was going through the menopause that obviously hormones were governing a lot of what was going on with me so I decided to do it.   I was terrified as I thought I’m never going to be able to do this,; I’m just going to be hungry all the time; I don’t have the stamina for it; I’m not resilient enough; just loads and loads of different things.   To me, with kids to care for and a business and house to run, overall, doing a fast seemed quite a bad idea!!!

But, the amazing thing about it was after the first few days of doing it the first time a little miracle started to happen.   I got my thinking back!!!  I didn’t feel funk all the time (drunk with not being able to think) and I had more energy very quickly.   As an added bonus, weight just seemed to drop off my body.   Although, I have to say and this is very important, weight was not my primary reason for doing a fast.  There really were a whole whole host of different things that were affecting my health and well-being.


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