Alcohol and you – Is it a healthy part of your life?


Alcohol is so interesting inasmuch as it can be used for celebration and for self abuse.

Personally it has been present in some way in a negative capacity during the most traumatic events of my life.  Suicide, violence, arguments, alcohol has definitely played it’s part.

Yet for many people, alcohol simply adds a nice ambiance and is a reward after a long hard day.

What is your relationship with alcohol, does it help or hinder you in life?  Does it change your perspective and personality for better or worse?

Is it an occasional treat or a daily, weekly or monthly crutch.  It is fascinating the relationships we have with substances that reward us, or simply have the capability to change what we think and feel.

If you take a step back are you happy with the relationship you have with it or is it along with so many other things like drugs, sex, food, money, and relationships, something that has more control over you than you have over it?

If so, what to do?  Well I will be looking more and more in the future at how these relationships effect and impact our lives.  So stay posted……..

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