Healthy Relationships – Does your body feel safe enough to relax?

How do the relationships in your life effect your health?  The impact of how you feel when you are around people will have a very big impact on your health for better or worse.  Whether you still hold physical and emotional patterns of how you reacted to parents or siblings when you were growing up or perhaps how you feel around work colleagues or friends.  Whether you feel relaxed or suffer with social anxiety.  All of these experiences will have effected the way you hold your body posture and the ease of how you literally move throughout your life.

Unless there has been physical injury, most trauma that I have seen in peoples bodies over the years is due to the impact of relationships and how people interact with each other.  Your body stores memories of every traumatic interaction and this can get re triggered if you find yourself face to face with a person that reminds you of a past situation, whether pleasurable or painful.


If you are someone who has undiagnosed physical pain with no obvious reason for your discomfort, it is worth checking in with your body to see how comfortable you feel when you are with others.  Notice whether your body feels more relaxed or tense when you are in the company of different people.  Start to get a sense of whether you feel energised or drained when you are in different environments.

Our body constantly responds to the environment we put ourselves in and it is worth starting to self assess where and when you feel most comfortable.  Rather than forcing or expecting that you should be ok in all environments or with all people.  Very often the first stage of healing is to put yourself in places and around people that feel safe to you,



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