Plantar Fasciatis (Policeman’s Foot) – Find out what you can do to resolve this common pain condition

Plantar Fasciatis foot pain is one of the most interesting pathologies I treat, simply because clients actually believe it needs to take months to go away and that it is a very difficult condition to resolve.

Actually, Plantar Fasciatis loves Clinical Massage and regular self-treatment, with these Plantar Fasciatis can get resolved for most clients within a few sessions.  The interesting thing about Plantar Fasciatis is that although you feel the pain in the foot, more often than not the problem in is the calf muscles and this restricts the muscles from moving.  This has a knock on effect of tightening up all the lower leg muscles causing foot pain.  With the right guidance and regular stimulation of the correct lower leg muscles, it is possible to release these restrictions which in turn eases the stress on the attachment points of the muscles around the heel and the base of the foot.  This results in less aggravation and inflammation of these areas and before you know it, the pain can start to subside.

Please note that you can never know whether or not the treatment will work for you until you have started to use it.  Everybody is different and people heal in different ways and at different paces.

However, without question Plantar Fasciatis is one of the pathologies that seems to always give such huge relief when treated correctly, and always amazes and brings joy to clients faces as they see the results.

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