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Anatomy In Motion

Did you see Gary Ward on Doctor In The House BBBC1?

Have you ever hurt yourself and noticed how your body rearranges itself to take the pressure off the painful injury?  How clever that we can reorganise ourselves so perfectly when we get an injury to keep on walking, sitting, bending standing, running, whatever you need to do with your body .  But what happens if by rearranging the way you move, you are actually setting up an imbalance that is going to create more long-term pain.  Well I have been working with many clients recently because they have done just this.  They have then tried so many different therapies for this pain, yet end up still experiencing the same old discomfort because their body has simply forgotten how to move correctly.

If this is you then go to and you will get the benefit of Gary Ward and his unique FlowMotionModel that helps you start to reclaim the ability to get in touch with what is actually going on with all the joints in your body.

Every joint in your body should be able to move backwards and forwards, side to side and rotate left to right.  If just one joint in the body can not do one of these motions, it will have a knock on effect on all the other joints as they have to compensate and make up for the lack of movement.   To make life even more complicated, not only do all the joints need to move in all directions but they need to be in perfect timing with each other in specific cycles of movement.  So within one footstep, the body needs to go through six different postures.  If we can not access these postures then our body system does not get to access it’s optimum movement experience and challenges are set up for us to contend with on a footstep by footstep basis.  This is where exploring AIM could be the your best next step.

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