Massage Alternative or Complementary?

Clinical massage, or any treatments offered by Ixchel Therapies in Brighton, do not act as an 'alternative' to mainstream healthcare, but are designed to complement any course of treatment that a client may be undertaking. Whether it is medication, seeing a physio, or receiving osteopathy, these paths of healing can all be integrated with what we offer.

Today a client gave me a guilty look as if she was doing something wrong when she said she was also receiving medical care for a Neurological Health Challenge, and taking all sorts of medication. I explained that my role was to integrate the treatments we do into the rest of her healthcare program. Over time all involved can reasses to see what is appropriate.

Cancer Research UK
state that massage, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga etc are 'complementary', whereas Gerson Therapy or Shark Cartilage are 'alternative'.

Using the techniques that Ixchel Therapies offers it is possible to maximise the clients potential for recovery alongside any other treatment when appropriate. However, there are occassions for example if a client is going to receive radio therapy, when it would be necessary to pause with our techniques.

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